Organic White Cream Mustard Honey

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Rajasthan is the only state where the farmers are still not using extensive pesticides, which makes it an ideal location for extraction of mustard honey, their vast Farmlands constituting of a few thousand acres of mustard farming makes the yield a very natural source of non tarnished honey, which is very safe and healthy for consumption. Its high crystallization property makes it a very high-value commodity for export, which leads to 90% of it being exported from India to western countries. We wish to bring this Indian treasure for our consumption therefore we have started INDIHIVE to bring this goodness of Bees to us. Honey is very basic in structure i.e. Glucose and Fructose therefore it is very easy to absorb, this is the main reason that athletes consume honey before events to provide an instant boost of energy, similarly it can be used before and after a workout to replenish energy.


Mustard Honey has the following properties
• very high in energy due to high glucose level
• high in phytonutrients
• regulates blood flow
• prevents hypertension
• relaxes nerve endings
• treats skin rashes
• great for dry skin