Organic Sidr Honey

0.25 kg
Rs. 250.00

Extracted from jujube trees this honey which was exclusive to the Middle East now has made its way to India as these trees are now available in Rajasthan which makes it highly desirable. The flowering happens for a very short period of time 20-30 days which makes it difficult for extraction as the bee colonies consisting of nearly 20000-50000 bees need to be there at the right time. Sidr honey is considered as one of the most potent honey in the world and is even compared to Manuka honey of New Zealand. The golden brown color and the aroma of this Sidr Honey makes it one of the best honey to consume.
A few facts about busy bees are that they travel nearly 3 times the distance across the globe to collect 1kg of honey and all this work is conducted by Female bees called worker bees who do all the work from collecting, processing, and storing of honey, along with managing the hive. A colony has only one fertile bee called Queen bee which nearly lays 1500-2500 eggs a day to maintain or increase the colony strength depending upon the flowering capacity of the surrounding plant life.


Cider Honey has the following properties
• king of Honey
• higher potency of antibacterial properties
• high amount of good bacteria can heal the gut
• rich in antioxidants
• highly aromatic with finger-licking delicious taste