Organic Kashmiri Almonds (Kashmiri Mamra)

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Rs. 650.00

Kashmiri badam giri or mamra is rich in oil content, and is considered superior to the commonly available Irani mamra.

Kashmiri almonds have no specific size and shape, and even every tree has its own unique colour and shape, with the taste varying from tree to tree. Packets can contain almonds of different shapes and sizes, and some may even have a higher oil content than others. Although we ensure that the quality of Kashmiri mamra is from a single tree and has a low chance of bitter kernels, an occasional bitter kernel can still pop up.

Due to drastic climatic changes, the crop yield has been relatively lower which keeps Kashmiri mamra in short supply at most times 

Benefits of Organic Kashmiri Mamra (Kashmiri Almonds) from Shashwat Organics:

    • Excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and riboflavin;
    • Rich in fibre;
    • Helps reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease, since they contain minerals, potassium, folic acid, protein, mono-saturated fats.
    • Build strong bones and teeth due to the phosphorous content;
    • Regulate blood pressure due to high potassium and low sodium content;
    • Soften the skin, making it more supple and flawless;
    • Boosts energy and stamina with riboflavin, copper and manganese; 

 Product Details & Care Instructions:

    • 100% Vegetarian
    • Shelf Life: 6 months
    • Storage & Care: Store in an airtight container in a dark and cool place. Keep away from water, heat, and direct light.