New Mom- Gift Hamper

3.0 kg
Rs. 3,750.00

This Hamper Contains: 

    • Bajra Aata 500gm
    • Raagi Laadu 250gm
    • Raagi Malt/Satva 250gm
    • Desi Cow Ghee 350gm
    • kesar 1gm
    • Sesame Oil 1litr

A perfect gift for a New mother. She has just been through a draining delivery and you want to present her something which will help her heal the body and mind in a natural way through good food. These foods are especially chosen for her, Bajra Aata helps lactating mothers and is heaty in nature, typically cool foods are not given to new mother post delivery.

Desi Cow Ghee helps in healing the internal injuries and truama and helps in digestion. The Raagi Malt gives her bone strength and energy to keep up in the nights. Raagi Ladoos, have ghee, dry fruits and organic jaggery, rich in folic acid, calcium and will add that taste to her food.  Few strands of kesar in half a cup of warm milk (preferable desi cow) will help her calm her nerves and sleep well. So go ahead and make her Diwali Special.