Immunity Magic-Gift Hamper

2.2 kg
Rs. 3,250.00

The Immunity Magic Gift Hamper contains : 

    • Chyavanprash 400gm
    • Turmeric 250gm
    • Honey 500gm
    • Desi Cow Ghee 350gm
    • Unsweetened Cranberries 250gm

Total Weight @2 Kg without  packaging

These Hampers are designed for All age groups. Good diet is so important in formative ages for building immunity. Let food become your medicine.

The Chyavanprash is handmade with 55 ingredients like Amala, Jeshtha madh, shatavari, spices, guggul, other herbs. This preparation is made in desi cow ghee over a period of 90 days. This is a General Health Tonic and a preventive mechanism to keep the infections of any kind away.

The Desi Cow Ghee is made in traditional way by Bilona Method and have immense health benefits if consumed daily, it builds immunity, helps digestions, bone health besides other benefits. The Un sweetened cranberries are a lovely early morning or mid day snack and is rich in Antioxidants. The Turmeric keeps common cold and cough at bay.  You can heal and protect your body through these foods , no need of any medicine.