Organic Green Chili Soft (Hari Mirch/Hiravi Mirchi)

0.25 kg
Rs. 35.00

Our fresh, organic hari mirch is delightfully spicy and loaded with health benefits. Chilies contain capsaicin, an active ingredient, that?s great for respiration, heart and blood pressure. Capsaicin creates warmth, has a significant effect on increasing the blood circulation, and also stimulates the palate. The body sweats after eating chilies which then creates a cooling effect on your body.



Benefits of Fresh Organic Hari Mirch or Hiravi Mirchi (Green Chili Soft) from Shashwat Organics:

    • Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial;

    • Soothes the respiratory system;

    • Boosts immunity and digestive health;

    • Calcium rich;

    • Improves vision.

    • Benefits skin and bones;

    • Helps in preventing lung disease;



Product Details & Care Instructions:

    • 100% Vegetarian

    • Shelf Life: 3-4 days if unrefrigerated

    • Storage & Care: Store in a dark and cool place, preferably refrigerated. Keep away from water and heat.