Organic Grapes (Angoor or Draksha) 1 Pkt

500.0 kg
Rs. 175.00

Our organic, sweet, juicy, green grapes are considered the queen of fruit, and add vibrancy and appeal to your food, apart from having a myriad of health benefits. They are also great for diabetics.

Benefits of Fresh Organic Angoor or Draksha (Grapes) from Shashwat Organics:

    • Protects against fungal infections;
    • Protects against ultraviolet radiation;
    • Protects cells from free-radical damage;
    • Lower risk of heart disease by preventing blood clots;
    • Anti-inflammatory;
    • Prevent the growth of cancer cells;
    • Helps with weight management;
    • Great brain food;
    • Lowers risk of diabetes;
    • Aids in hydration; 
Product Details & Care Instructions:
    • 100% Vegetarian
    • Shelf Life: 2-3 days if unrefrigerated
    • Storage & Care: Store in a dark and cool place, preferably refrigerated. Keep away from water and heat.