Organic Coriander Honey

0.25 kg
Rs. 210.00

Extracted from the vast farmlands of coriander in Rajasthan, Coriander Honey is extracted with high risk as any environmental factors like rain or excessive heat can destroy the flowers leading to no honey extraction. INDIHIVE Beekeepers have a vast knowledge of how and when to extract this nutritious honey, in return providing the farmers with pollination services which increases the income of farmers as the yield and quality of seeds improve due to cross-pollination.  A Honey Bee during a collection flight for Nectar or Pollen nearly visits 50-100 flowers for collecting the maximum weight of the pollen or nectar that she can carry from distances ranging from 100m to 3000m.


Coriander Honey has the following properties
• Antioxidants
• Detoxifying effect cleans the blood and liver of harmful substance
• highly beneficial for human reproduction system
• regulates the menstrual cycle and decreases pain during periods
• increases male potency
• promotes digestive health