Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs (Box of 6 eggs)

Rs. 120.00
Speciality of Pasture-Raised H3Eggs

* Each hens enjoys 108 sqft of area

* Hens grazing in mango, chickoo, tamrind, Gauva, Indian Gooseberry(amala), Drumsticks like trees through out the day.

* Total freedom to express natural  like dust bath is essential part of our hens.

* We do not permit de-beaking of hens since we love then as is.

* Night shelter is made of bamboos which they deserve most.

* UV treated water for drinking and ample of sunlight.

* We have one acre of fruit farm with only 300 hens

• Scale master installation to remove hard water side effects & UV treated water for poultry

• Solar plant for uninterrupted feed supply

• Chemical free feed provided to our hens in clean containers

• Uniquely designed nesting boxes for eggs collection

• Our chicks belong to the indigenous breed sourced from CPDO, Western Region.

• In the process of applying for “Humane Certification”