About Us

Our journey in natural farming started back in 2013. Growing variety of food became an obsession over a period of time and then the travel and connect started for the indigenous seeds. The biggest draw for us has always been rich agro-biodiversity that is still unexplored and untapped.

Reaching out to those, who still care and value these beauties is part of our work.

We believe food grown by marginal and tribal farmers is special. Because they do it for livelihood and not business. There is an inherent simplicity and sustainability in this model.


We are not agriculturist, we are good food people, curators who are driven by our 3 guiding principles: Trust, Compassion & Nature. Every action and decision we take is ruled by these three.


If ever you feel an Iota of doubt about our quality, do speak to us. Visit the farms where the food comes from, meet the farmers who eat what they share with you.

Most of our produce comes from various parts of India is certified, may it be the fresh vegetables or fruits. During our travels through India for farm stays/visits, seed exhibitions, organics gatherings/exhibitions we have met fantastic people and these are the few people who we work with.


Even at times when we can’t get all our small farmers with really small landholdings certified for every product, we show immense trust in their hard work and intent and we also personally visit these farms and do random sample tests, just to challenge ourselves.


We try to do fair trade by respecting what the farmers value their produce at. While many feel big agriculture is the solution for feeding the population, we feel keeping the wadi/pada/village culture alive is the answer. The day agriculture seizes to be an industry a true revolution in food and health will start.

Bringing in the food, in its most original form to you is our endeavor.


Hope you enjoy our specially curated indigenous products, as much as we do.

Indigenous Species

Regenerative Forest Forest Food

Flower of Chicharda- Raan Bhaji

Kaal Lavi Wild Flower

Terada, offered to lord Ganesha also a Raan Bhaji
Kaal Lavi or Haldi Kunkoo Bamboo Pit Viper or Hirantol , non poisonous

Tranplanting of rice in progress

Fresh Vegetable Harvest Fresh Turmeric, Harvested and Cleaned

Our lovely guests enjoying the farm work

The Vegetables are ready for dispatch Rice being threshed by our lady farmers

The cattle graze in open, which gives them ample opportunity for play, exploration, free hand at choosing their own food and natural sunlight. The animals are happy.

Play time for Kaveri
Sarja and Raja resting after Farm Work

The milk and the desi cow ghee from this cattle is pure nector.

Handmade with panchakarma, Vedic Pure Desi Cow Ghee/Tup
Packed with love for you

By Choosing these products:

  • You are Supporting a Marginal/Tribal Farmer
  • Limiting the Migration of Skilled Farmers to city
  • Making Socio Economical Impact
  • Supporting the Indigenous Seed Movement
  • Supporting Fair Trade
  • Conserving Agro-biodiversity
Desi Seeds our treasure Seeds ready for community Seed Bank  
Forest Food Festival Team – Sept 2018
Some Forest Foods on display Medicinal Species from our forest Bhopa/Baap Shevali and Shevali from the forest