Organic Lehsun or Lasun (Garlic) 250g

0.25 kg
Rs. 65.00

Our fresh, organic garlic is rich in nutrients and highly beneficial to health, and has been advised across world cultures from ancient times to stave off diseases and sickness with its high medicinal properties.



Benefits of Fresh Organic Lehsun or Lasun (Garlic) from Shashwat Organics:

    • Rich in calcium and vitamin C;

    • Potent medicinal properties;

    • Low calories;

    • Combats the common cold;

    • Reduces blood pressure;

    • Improves cholesterol levels;

    • Lowers the risk of heart disease;



Product Details & Care Instructions:

    • 100% Vegetarian

    • Shelf Life: 3-4 days if unrefrigerated

    • Storage & Care: Store in a dark and cool place, preferably refrigerated. Keep away from water and heat.