Healing through Yoga!

Healing through Yoga!

If you thought that yoga was all about bending and twisting your body in odd shapes, it's time to rethink. Yoga is much more. In very simple words, giving care to your body, mind, breath & balanced diet is yoga.

Practicing Yoga asanas is one of the most beneficial regimes, but when complemented with the healthy food habits, it can really create wonders. In fact, eating the right ORGANIC / CLEAN food is an essential part of living a Yogic life.

I started my journey in fitness at age 25. Better Late then never. It did open a new world of possibilities and horizons for me. I started meeting like-minded people and got introduced to aerobics, kick boxing, power yoga, zumba, long distance cycling, triathlon, trekking. It just got better and better.

But Life had something else in store for me. My 5th IVF failed miserably, this time sending me in ICU. I lost almost 10 kilos of weight, confidence and faith. I couldn’t digest anything but ice cream and curd. The pain was unbearable. Due to the heavy steroids and medication my joints and muscles had lost all its power. I could barely walk. Sitting down on floor, squatting was impossible. This was BIG blow at 30 for me. I realised, I couldn’t take my body for granted.

A huge task was on hand, removing the toxins from my body and mind was the most important one. I knew the only way I could achieve both, was focusing on Yoga.

My training from Iyengar Yoga came to rescue. It did take me a year to get back to my fit self but It set me right for my life.

Leading an active, adventurous and may be little on the edge life got me into many setbacks, like a neck injury, a back injury, knee injury but every time Yoga came to my rescue.

I know, those who have gone through a similar experience will relate. Stories are not about boasting, it is about sharing.

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-Vaishali Gadgil

Founder-Shashwat Organics