The Pickle Story - Part 1

Not All Pickles are Bad.

You will get Pimples, don’t eat Pickle. 

It Gives acidity, don’t eat pickle. 

Its not good for your health. 

It will make your skin oily.

I grew up, with these doctrines.

Food habits are largely formed in formative age and has a big influence of parents, immediate family and surroundings.

How many of you remember the “Thelevala” who would get these big Jars of pickles every week? This was 80s of mumbai. The aroma still fills up my senses and my mouth starts watering. I distinctly remember the sweet and sour lemon pickle and the dry raw mango pickle. 

My mother believed that pickle causes, acidity, breaks skin, makes it oily due to excessive salt and oil. I tried to investigate into this by talking to her. It turned out, she loved pickles. She was against the commercially/mass produced pickles which were sold in market. The ingredients, preservatives, excessive salt and oil made her BAN it from our diet. Apparently she tried her hands at making them but failed!

Her decision was perfect but the messaging was wrong.

Today, we are all misinformed due to this wrong messaging. If we peep in to kitchens of 60 years ago, you won’t find a household without ceramic pickle jars. The interiors of our country still follow this tradition and as usual the Urban populace is deprived of this amazing food due to wrong messaging.

I would urge you to start adding this wonder food in your diet ASAP, here are some guidelines to follow while making a buying decision:

  • If it reads Cotton Seed Oil as one of the ingredients, Keep the damn thing right back.
  • If it says permissible level preservatives, Put it right back. 
  • Natural Salt, Oil, Turmeric are the real preservatives.
  • If it says handmade, pick up right away
  • If it says, limited and seasonal, stock couple of more as you will have to wait for next season
  • If it says Organic/Natural, Lap it Up!

My next post is about the benefits of eating the right pickle in right quantity… it will follow soon.