Some Play is Good

Some Play is Good

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Some play is good…The life, young Calf’s should have….Post #2

Remember the sensation when your feet touch the wet soil, the cold sand, a rough rock, and the lush green grass? 

The cool breeze run through your hair, the soft whistles of the bamboos when you walk through the forest, the incessant chirping of the morning birds, those pastures in multiple hues of greens spread over the horizon? 

The sight of the calf playing rough, nuzzling each other, fighting for food and attention is one of my most favorite sights. The unbridled behavior and play is good. Every body needs a play; young, adult, old …everybody does for it keeps the mind and body healthy.

The touch of the soil, the grasses, rocks, water everything activate the senses. The smell of the earth, the wind blowing through the air, the chirping of the birds, the branches brushing off the skin are reassuring and are signs of life all around. Each life pours in energy in each other. 

Each one is different, just like human children, curious, energetic, naughty and playful. 

When they are left in open they explore, they breathe fresh air, their delicate limbs get stronger by walking, running, climbing, their social skills are improved, they are no more scared of touch, they are stronger. They graze in open, their basic instincts about food and non food now come into play, they learn from the herd, older animals and eat what suits them and in the quantities they want.

The skin glows, the diseases stay away. The bonding time between the mother and child is stronger. So what we eat, feel, experience we what we become. 

Give the young one’s the best possible surroundings.