Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

When you grow up in a full house with 3 generations under one roof, you Share.

There was no option, we were reprimanded or whacked if any kind of greed was shown.

When one felt hungry, one was asked to wait for the next meal there were NO ready to eat snacks.

Our main source of snack came from our garden, the fruit trees my grandfather had so thoughtfully planted. We had Guavas, Naseberry, Custard Apple, Mango, Coconut, Lemon and all bore many fruits. I do not recollect any chemical fertilizers entering our yard, except the Cow dung manure which would be dumped in the yard before every season. We had not heard of composting; we were already putting all kitchen waste in a ditch and the hens and the ducks were excellent pest controllers. My grandfather was a little crazy and ahead of his time to keep some Rabbits and Turtle for much of our amusement. Occasionally the dogs would feast on the young and the shy Chickens. I howled every time a chicken met its destiny.

So, the rare occasions for the treats were, salary day, birthday, a visiting uncle, a guest, festivals and a family function. A watermelon would be neatly cut into nice half-moon pieces, the rice bobbies would sit neatly on our fingers, the candy floss (buddhi ke bal) had to be shared between 3 kids, 1 toffee each, pepsi cola only in summer.

Amongst the kids we still fought for that extra share but we don’t recollect eating behind closed doors. The neighbor’s kids too got an equal share.