My Hacks for New Year Detox

I had one too many mini get togethers this season. All with close family and friends in safe environs of home. But that meant, late lunches and dinners, generous servings of special foods and cakes and deserts and of course some wine to go with it.

A change in diet, routine, sleeping hours definitely throws your rhythm off balance and then it starts showing with different signs for different people.

Many would notice, dry skin and scalp, puffiness on face, under eye bulge, dark circles, dandruff, acidity irregular motions and dryness in mouth, water retention, bloating etc.
And then we all vow to never repeat it again! 
I love to enjoy the moment and try not go completely off handle. Over the years I have developed some hacks. These help me not deviate from my plan too much.

1. Keep moving/ working extra (read house chores)even if you miss workouts or runs
2. Hydrate yourself through the day, nothing like plain water
3. Eat something on your regular meal time, so even if you get late and others wan your company just nibble on some easy foods later
4. My father has taught me a very classic yet simple tea preparation with just ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and any tea powder (really tiny amount) you can also add fresh tulsi leaves and or lemon grass and if you are lucky the beetle leaf! This concoction has helped me keep up my immunity and energy levels high throughout.
5. The post party season routine can be very simple:
Sleep extra,
Eat two regular meals a day, have the third meal of fruit preferably lunch,
Get into your exercise routine slowly,
Prepare your meals with lighter easy to digest options but don’t go on a fad diet!
Avoid dairy products and sugar for a while but don’t miss a spoonful of Desi Cow Ghee with meals
Avoid alcoholic beverages, drink lot of water
Lastly and most importantly BE FREE OF GUILT. Guilt never solves any problems it will just pull you down more.