Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Keep  nudging yourself and moving out of your comfort zone every now and then. 

Technically this is not monsoon but the weather in my part of the world for past two days is confusing. This small hike to Kanifnath Temple near Saswad was the perfect thing to do in this lovely weather. To add to the experience we spotted a Buck at the very beginning of the climb…it just ran past us. I had my other feel of adventure using the climbing rope, more for the glamour of it ☺

Back to Year 1997, life in Mumbai was different. A typical city girl from a middle class family in chembur, who had never seen inside of a gym or played a sport. I was busy with my work and some hobbies I had just started taking seriously. 

A rude shock came in during my visit to pune. While climbing down the stairs of my then under construction apartment, I tripped and fell down, quite ungracefully. “Howa are you so Unfit? Where is your Mind and Body coordination?”, I was startled, instead of giving me a hand, my then fiancé was looking at me in disbelief! I was speechless and felt rather awkward. The next thing I know, we were at the Sinhagadh fort at 6 am in the morning, next day. 

For those who have been to the fort will understand this. I was of course in my regular outfit in basic foot ware. Walking through the stones was not the best thing to do, the impression had already been made. I reached some point after about 15 minutes huffing and puffing, we stopped. I thought we had reached!!! He pointed his figure and said “Do you see that tower? we have to go there”. A little scream came out of my already dropped jaw. “I can’t climb any more”, I was teary eyed. He was disappointed, I could see in his eyes, but love saved me.

And that was the turning POINT in my life. From then to now, after several hikes and treks, I still feel the same discomfort when I am not moving.

I thank him for showing me that GOAL.