Growing Up FAT and Ugly

Growing Up FAT and Ugly

Who says SIZE doesn’t matter? Ask a child who has grown up being teased FAT and have failed school dance auditions due to shape. A child who thought she was ugly and was not worthy of any attention and appreciation.

I had working parents and initial years of growing up was raised by single parent in a big joint family of may be 25 (as people kept floating in and out of my Maternal Grandfather’s home). 

Mind you, I was never loved less or discriminated BUT I was teased more often for my shape. So much so that I started avoiding outsiders/guests, playing with kids, visiting people or even looking at boys in school.

What started as a little fun by my cousins, unknowingly left an invisible scar on my impressionable mind. I spoke less, spent more time reading or in the garden with trees.

As if School wasn’t judgmental, college became another place for appearance. My self-worth and confidence had hit rock bottom. I thought, being THIN was the only solution to everything. Nothing else mattered to me. I had no time to bask in the glory of my academic achievements. I was obsessed with losing weight.

And I did so by eating less and less and less. I had no counsel, no guide, no one to share my predicament with.

How I fought my weight issues? I didn’t? Our physical well-being is closely connected to our mental well-being and we live in a dynamic world where we are exposed to new environment, experiences and challenges every now and then. Permanency is like chasing a MIRAGE. So there is NO one sustainable solution that fits all. 

However, what I have learnt over the years is a sustainable LIFESTYLE and that’s a philosophy NOT a formula.

My heart goes out for all the children who grow up being judged for Size. Believe it or not It denies you of many opportunities and many experiences that a child could/should have.

Teach your child to love herself, tell her size and shape is just another form. What matters is health and self-love. Building a solid character is much more important then creating a Body which can change shape, size, form.