Don’t Outsource Your Kitchen- Part 1

Don’t Outsource Your Kitchen- Part 1

Believe me, there is a Mother and there is a Maharashtrian Mother! Many will conquer with me on this.

My mother put 3 of us on kitchen duties. My father was and is Hands-on person, he participated in every household chore. There NO division of Gender.

She taught me making chapatis, heating milk, setting cooker at age 11. Washing toilets, setting up bed, tidying house was already on our job list (I often complained about my kid brothers for not doing enough, she said you have to learn managing!!). 

No, Our childhood was stolen and thank goodness the term “child labor” had not entered our vocabulary yet. We learnt basic skills.

Aai was my first critique and she still is. Every time, she would highlight the mistakes, nudge me to improve. I would feel nervous, upset and crave for words of appreciation but she continued. 

I thought she was monster of a mother, today I thank her for being that. What I thought were her quirks were actually the MOST important part of handling kitchen. Today, when I enter any kitchen, on my checklist is the following:

Kitchen Sink


The Pantry/Storage

The Cooking range 

The Oven 

Everyday, post dinner I clean the dishes even after a party! This serves two purposes, One , post dinner one is mobile for at least 10 to 15 mins, two- I can monitor the cleanliness around the washing area.

I cook a full meal every week, it gives Maya (Maya is a constant factor in my life from my childhood to home to office, all 3 Mayas) a break and I get to clear/clean my refrigerator, check for health of dry produce, use things which have not been used for long.

Keeping your weapons sharpened is important, you may never know when you will need it.

Helping hand is always welcome, but never fully out-source your kitchen to your maid/restaurant/dietitian.

For a healthy relationship with food, know what enters your kitchen, how it is cooked and most importantly how it is served.

There is more to come in next post….