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My Rocking Affair With The Wild Beauties

Come monsoon and my kitchen is filled with these exotic vegetables.Yes, these are the gems from the forest. Loaded with energy and power, so much so to come up on its own after first few showers of monsoon. No, it doesn’t need us humans. Most of the food doesn’t and shouldn’t. 

My journey into this wild wild world of food started accidentally, yes its been 5 years. I am still a wide eyed awestruck girl when it comes to forest food.

Many of you would relate to my experience. It started with curiosity, leading to discovery, then disbelief, part apprehension, experiments and now it is a full blown rocking affair with these wild beauties.

Datta, Ambu, Asha, Sarpancha, Chaya, Reshma, Kallu have been my local guides. With them I have reached the far corners of our land in Sahyadris. We have had our adventures while food foraging through lashing rains, slippery rock faces and slushy mud walks. It has made the journey more exciting , harrowing for some. 

Like many of you, I grew up on  a diet of palak, bendi, gavar , cauliflowers, cabbage etc. Though, I love karela, my kid brothers perceived it as weekly punishment. So anything beyond our shopping list was WEED and NONE FOOD for me. 

Thus started my Food journey with Raan Bhajya/Wild Vegetables. 

I will be sharing with you, some of the traditional recipes and some of my own in my blogs (stay tuned). You are encouraged to try your own versions and share with us here. 

Happy Cooking and Eating.

For Recipes please visit my blog: RaanJai